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For the very young:

Please bring all clothing and disposable diapers that are needed. Please provide extra clothing to be stored in your child's classroom. You MUST label all of your child's items including clothing.

For the older children:

Please plainly label all removable clothing that your children may wear such as coats, sweaters, raincoats, caps, etc., so that your children's clothing is not misplaced or lost. Please send an extra change of clothes in your children's backpacks.

We suggest that your children wear comfortable, washable play clothes that they can manage easily. Children will be allowed to wear tennis shoes or sandals (including flip-flops) as long as they can play safely and keep the footwear on. If flip-flops or sandals appear to become a problem, the teachers will send a note home asking the parents to send their children in tennis shoes only.

Toys & Other Belongings

Please do not bring toys to school unless the teacher sends a note home saying it is a toy-share day or arrangements have been made with the director.

Luggage, car seats, sports equipment, etc. that you drop off with your child for someone else to pick up must be plainly labeled with your child's name on it. We cannot be responsible for dropped-off or picked-up items.