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Dropping Off/Picking Up Children

The Center opens at 6:45 each morning Monday through Friday, and closes PROMPTLY at 6:00 each evening. Parents will incur a late fee after 6:00, which must be paid to the teacher at the time of pickup. Failure to observe this policy may result in dismissal.

Late pick-up fees are as follows:

  • 6:01-6:15 - $5.00

  • 6:16-6:30 - $15.00

  • 6:31-6:40 - $25.00

There will be a $5.00 fee for each additional minute after 6:40. All late fees are due in cash at the time of your child's pick-up. Time is decided based on the Center clock in the foyer.

During drop-off times, please be sure your child is brought to his/her classroom or drop-off location and with his/her teacher before you leave. However, please be careful not to linger, as this can be upsetting to some children. Please be courteous to other parents and do not block the covered drive. Feel free to park in the church parking lot if you would like to spend extra time with your child's teacher.

If a child is picked up by someone other than a parent, proper identification must be presented and that person must appear on the child's approved pick-up list. Any changes to this list must be in writing; we cannot accept a phone call from the parent as verification. In addition, older children will not be allowed to pick up siblings unless they are properly identified ahead of time. The safety of our children is a top priority.

Door Access Codes

Parents will be assigned a door access code that will allow them entrance into the locked facility. Please do not give out this code! Other visitors will have access to the door bell so that office personnel can check identification at entry.


All visitors must check in at the Center's office. Identification will be required. Parents are welcome to visit the Center any time. Other visitors must notify the office in advance. Children will not be allowed to visit the Center unless accompanied by an adult.