About Us

Outdoor Play

The Department of Health regulations require that "children shall be taken outside for part of every day, weather permitting." In following these regulations, we spend some time outside each day unless it is too hot, too cold, or raining. Brisk outdoor play, even in cold weather, has been proven to reduce the risk of upper respiratory illness.

Please see that your children have adequate clothing for cold weather. When weather does not allow us to be outside, children two years old and older will go to the gym for games, etc.

If children are temporarily unable to participate in active outside play because of a recent injury/illness, they will be allowed to sit outside. Please let their teachers know ahead of time in this instance.

Field Trips

Various field trips will be taken throughout the year for the K-3, K-4 and Afterschool classes. Parents will be asked to sign permission slips before each trip.