About Us

Weekly Tuition Rates

Infant and Creeper room: $120.00

K1-K4 rooms: $120.00

After-school: $70.00

After-school summer fee: $120.00

*There will be a sibling discount of $5.00 unless the additional sibling is in the infant or creeper rooms.

*We do provide drop-in rates. The rate is $35.00 per day or the weekly room rate.

*Weekly invoices will be e-mailed to parents. Please be sure the office/bookkeeper has your current e-mail address.

*If no prior arrangements are made, your account will be charged $10 any week in which payment is made after Wednesday. This policy will be strictly enforced.

*If your account becomes delinquent, the Center will contact you with an initial warning. If your account falls two weeks behind or is one week delinquent more than three times, your child will be dismissed from the Center.

Vacation Time

The Center does not give discounts for vacation.

Returned Checks

There will be a $25.00 fee for any returned checks and you will be asked to pay future payments in cash only.

Withdrawing Your Child

If you plan to withdraw your child, you must provide a written two-week notice or you will be charged for those two weeks.


Each family is responsible for filing their own insurance should a child be injured at the Center. The Center has liability insurance but does not provide or offer individual policies for the children.