About Us

Welcome to RUMC-ECDC

Our Mission

It is our mission to foster a safe, nurturing environment that encourages the positive development of children through the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual developmental activities.

  • Our goal is for your child to be better prepared socially, as well as academically, so that he/she may excel after entering Kindergarten.
  • A total approach to learning in the five main areas of development – Language, Cognitive, Socio-Emotional, Physical and Creativity – is the key to Kindergarten readiness. We also place emphasis on Character Building and Spirituality.
  • The lessons and activities your child’s teacher implements in the classroom allow your child to learn at his/her own pace and move forward when he/she is ready.
  • The Early Childhood Education field is rapidly changing as more and more is understood about how children learn. We are committed to constantly updating our programs to keep pace with the ever-changing experiences your child will have in Kindergarten.
  • Our curricula are based on age-appropriate learning objectives, which are used to create themes and lesson plans. Each curriculum offers teachers hundreds of activities to choose from, each of which is tied to a specific learning objective.
  • Your child will not only make the developmental progress necessary for a successful transition to Kindergarten, he/she will love the activities that get him/her there.

Curriculum and Activities

At RUMC-ECDC we teach our children by implementing a thematic curriculum using a center-based, hands-on approach, based on Christian principles in order to prepare children for their future. RUMC-ECDC uses the benchmarks from MS State Dept. of Education that are developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschoolers.

Children learn best by doing. For that reason, we use age-appropriate hands-on activities built around weekly themes. Our weekly lesson plans address all areas of development: social, emotional, physical (large and small motor), cognitive and language development; as well as comprehension, math, early reading, geography, history, courtesy and daily living skills.

Our daily schedule includes individual activities, small group and large group. Our curriculum reflects the belief that children need balance of child-initiated & teacher-facilitated activities.

Spiritual Emphasis

RUMC-ECDC believes strongly in providing spiritual emphasis for all children enrolled in the Center. Opportunities for worship are part of each day through Bible devotions, verses, stories and music.

Teachers are always aware of “teachable moments” and use them to impart spiritual truths. For example, the blessing of our food is an important part of mealtimes.